Phonology Edit

In this section you will learn the alphabet, consonants, vowels, various sounds, and sounds in English that are not used in Haitian Creole.

Alphabet Edit

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In Haitian Creole the alphabet is a variation of the Latin alphabet, it is similar to the one used by English. In Haitian Creole the writing style is done from left to right, just like in English.

The letters 'Q' and 'X' do not exist in the Haitian Creole alphabet, but are replaced by 'kw' for 'Q' and 'ks' for 'x'. The letter 'C' is always accompanied by the letter 'H'.

Vowels and Consonants Edit


In the Haitian Creole alphabet there are 12 vowels and 20 consonants.

Sounds Edit

The 'ch' combination in the Haitian Creole language makes the sound that the 'sh' combination makes in English.

Sounds we have in English that do not exist in Haitian Creole

  • sh
  • gh
  • ph
  • th
  • Hard a
  • Hard i

So What? Edit

Phonology is important because you must know the differences between the Haitian Creole and English alphabet. There will be letters that your student will know by sight but will not know by sound, or may know the sound as another letter. There will also be letters and sounds that your student is not familiar with at all. As a teacher it is important to know these specific parts in order to be able to better help your student learn.